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AQUARIUS -Constellation Live account Contest-AQUARIUS

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Aquarius is born between January 20 and February 18, in the eastern sign of Capricorn and the western sign of Pisces.
Competition Introduction:
AM Markets' 9th Constellation Real Deal Tournament
Registration for this competition will start on January 20, 2022. Competition time: Platform time (Gregorian calendar) from 00:00, January 20, 2022 to 23:59, February 18, 2022, lasting a whole constellation cycle of Aquarius. The competition is committed to providing each participant with an opportunity to learn and grow independently, as well as a fair, just and open trading environment.
Entry requirements:
A natural person between the ages of 18 and 60 who has the ability to act autonomously.
First prize: 5,000USD
Second prize: 3,000USD
Grade III: 1,000USD
Fourth prize: 3,000 credits
Fifth prize: 2,000 credits
Sixth prize: 1,000 credits
Seventh prize: 500 points
Eighth prize: 300 credits
Ninth prize: 200 credits
10th prize: 100 credits
Calculation rules of contest results:
1.AM Markets will calculate the rankings based on the percentage increase in net account value at the end of the contest.
2. During the competition, the participant's account can freely withdraw money, but the maximum amount of money invested in the account will be used as the total principal amount when calculating the final profit rate.
For example, during the contest, the total amount of money deposited into the account will be $10,000, and by the end of the contest, $5,000 will be deposited into the account, with $5,000 remaining. Then, the final profit rate will be calculated on the principal of $10,000 instead of $5,000.
Rate of return calculation formula
[Final Net Worth -(Initial net worth + deposit)]/(Initial net worth + Deposit)
Initial net value = the balance in the customer's account at the time of registration + new deposit
Final net value = net profit and loss of the account at the end of the competition
Deposit = accumulated deposit in account during the competition (including inward transfer)
For example, the entry account has an initial net worth of $10,000, a subsequent contribution of $5,000, and a final net worth of $88,000. The yield should be :(88,000-15,000)/15,000 = 486.667%.

1. Both old and new customers can sign up for this competition. Old customers do not need to open a new additional account with the same name, but the account does not hold a position at the time of registration.
2. The amount of new deposit for each participant account shall not be less than US $1,000 (internal transfer of the same account will not be considered as new deposit).
3. Transaction time for a single order shall not be less than 3 minutes. Profits from orders less than three minutes will not be counted in the profit margin calculation.
4. During the competition, the participant's account can freely make money or withdraw money, but the maximum amount of money in the account will be used as the total principal amount when calculating the final profit rate (see Rule 2 for calculation of the contest result).
5. During the competition, if the agent's commission is transferred to the trading account of the same name, it will be regarded as the deposit and will also be counted into the total amount of the deposit.
6. Only one trading account is allowed for the same IP address. AM Markets reserves the right to disqualify all trading accounts under the same IP address if it is found that there are multiple entries.
7. Only one trading account with the same ID is allowed to participate in the competition. Only after the contest is over, can you sign up for the next activity.
8. This Constellation Firm Offer Competition includes all trades of AM Markets.
9. All accounts of STD,STP and ECN can be registered for this competition.
10. Hedging is not allowed in this competition. Once found, you will be treated as cheating.
11. AM Markets will announce the winners within 10 working days after the contest, and distribute the corresponding rewards to the winners' trading account within 15 working days (the prizes can be withdrawn).
12. The winner of the contest will, by default, be interviewed and answer questions by AM Markets and agree to publish some of his/her information on AM Markets' website and social media.
13. AM Markets reserves the right to disqualify participants if they are found to have cheated.
*AM Markets reserves the right to interpret the contest.