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XAU/USD Firm offer Competition - Cancer

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Leo is the fifth House of the Zodiac. His birth date is July 23 to August 22. He is located in the east of Cancer and the west of Virgo.
Introduction to the Competition:
AM Markets 3rd XAU/USD Competition
The competition will officially start registration on July 23, 2021, and the competition time is from 00:00 on July 23 to 23:59 on August 22 (Gregorian calendar). It lasts one constellation cycle in Leo. The competition is committed to providing each participant with an opportunity to learn and grow independently, as well as an open, fair and fair trading environment.

Contest Conditions 
A person who has reached the age of 18 to 60 and has the ability to act independently.
Contest Prize
First Prize:3000USD
Second Prize:2000USD
Third Prize:1000USD
Fourth Prize: 3000 integration
Fifth Prize:  2000 integration
Sixth Prize:  1000 integration
Seventh Prize: 500 integration
Eighth Prize: 300 integration
Ninth Prize: 200 integration
Tenth Prize: 100 integration
Competition calculation rules
AM Markets will calculate the ranking based on the percentage increase in account equity at the end of the competition.
You can do the deposit and withdrawal through the contest period, but when calculated the profitability will according to the total deposit within this period.
For example: During the contest period, one account deposited 10,000USD for total, and withdraw 5,000USD before the end of the contest. When calculated the profitability according to the total deposit 10,000USD not 5,000USD.
Profitability Calculation Formula
[Final Net Value -(Initial Net Value + Investment)]/(Initial Net Value + Investment)
Initial net worth = net worth of the account at the start of the match
Final net worth = net worth of the account at the end of the match
Deposit = Deposit accumulated into the account during the competition
For example, an initial net worth of $10,000, subsequent investments of $5,000, and a final net worth of $88,000.
The yield is 486.667% = (88,000- 15,000)/ 15,000.
Competition rules:
1. Only one account per participant is allowed to enter.
2. The amount of deposit in each account shall not be less than 1,000 USD, and the transaction volume shall not be less than 10 standard lots. A single transaction shall take no less than 2 minutes, and some trading profits less than 2 minutes shall not be included in the profit rate calculation results.
3. During the competition, money can be transferred into and out of the account. However, when calculating the profit rate, the maximum amount of money in the account will be taken as the principal amount. For example, during the competition, the maximum accumulated deposit in the contestant's account is $10,000. By the end of the competition, the client will have paid out $5,000, leaving $5,000 in the principal. The principal is calculated at $10,000 instead of $5,000.
4. During the competition, the agent commission is not allowed to transfer to the trading account. If so, the agent will not participate in the ranking of the competition.
5. Only one trading account is allowed to participate with the same IP
6. The Constellation Real Trading Competition is limited to GBP/USD products only, and other products will not be included in the competition profit rate.
7. All three account types of STD,STP and ECN can be registered for this competition
8. There are no trade restrictions in this competition.
9. The winners will be announced by AM Markets within 10 working days after the conclusion of the Competition and the prize money will be paid to the trading account of the winners within 30 working days and can be withdrawn.
10. The winner must answer the interview questions and agree to publish his/her information on AM Markets' website and on social media.
11. If cheating is found, you will be disqualified. AM Markets reserves the right to interpret the competition.